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Fangruida and Fangruida-ism

Fang Ruida, also made the fangruida, FangRui (fangruida/ruida-Fang), born in Shanghai in 1950,male, Han nationality, name, alias, pen name Hua Hailong,Fonda, Haoye, luxuriant, deer , Xu Guokai, TangJiang, Mu Nan, had studied in foreign university, Europe and Russia and other countries of the world, he is mainly engaged in scientific research after, and the social science of philosophy, literature and art, the field of engineering. Once in the domestic an. Once in thedomestic and foreign research institutes, companies,, Professor, researcher, consultant, expert, chief engineer, columnist, contributing editor, Professor, chief expert, chief designer, military instructor, painting artist,band music, business executive, manager director,President, etc.. Include full-time or part-time. Experience the extraordinary experience, covered a wide range of.The world famous physicist, astronomer, cosmologists,astronomers, biomedical scientists, philosophers,thinkers, religious scholar, writer, etc.The main results of the study of Fang Ruida's works and works of science, including: Forida,also known as Fang Ruida, Party of ruling, Fangruida,ruida-Fang, male, Han nationality, was born in Shanghai in 1950, 4-, formerly known as Mu Nan, Haoye, luxuriant,Fonda, deer huayu, Xuguokai, Tang Haijiang, physicist,philosopher, astronomer, the writer, economist,cosmologists, once in the university study, domestic and foreign, foundation, vistor, the senior seminar, the Australian University, Cornell University, Moscow State University, University of Geneva, Hunan University, the National People's Congress, Industrial University, Faculty of agriculture, vistingscholar, once in the Chinese and foreign university, laboratory research institute,laboratory,, commercial Enterprise Inc, technologycompany places of work and research, held various positions. Senior researcher, Professor, now Switzerland,Belgium, guest professor of consulting technical consultants, technical experts, commercial director,design experts, etc.. Research results include: divects theorem ring (in 1985, in Rome, Paris, Belgium, superturning vector field, ultra turning theorem): theorem in lathepoential "field" sub tribe from the initial state to the ground state of self turning spinvector, differential and integral turning, (1965-1988, Europe, France, Holland, fill the domain theorem (1976-1986 years, in Argentina,Japan, Germany, Chinese Research); Jupiter centerdistance theory (1986-1993-2000, UK, USA, France): space and time simple shear model (1965-1986, Norway,Sweden, Russia, Canada, andsantiago, etc.): seismic wave field (points 1982-1997, Australia, China): largecross domain activities (from 1986 to 1996, in American,South Africa, Switzerland, Chile, New Zealand): the superconductivity of TE nerve cell gene (from 1973 to1990, in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Bern, etc.), turningmechanism of derived tumor, superconducting nervereflex arc gene sanrosoy, seismic instrument, etc.. Natural orbital language and hybrid trajectory (in Europe and the United States 1992-1999, study of neurophysiology, brain research. The invention of Medicine -: treator assistance,sanrosoy seismic instrument, work study, work andinvention. <> >, >, > <>once a number of International Awards Nominees or candidate. There are scientific discoveries and technological inventions and other works, works. In theChinese and foreign celebrities biography, Cambridge celebrity biography, the scientists, the Encyclopedia of world celebrities, celebrities such as IBC/AbI dictionaryand the world's major website collection. Works, works, poems, research, technology research and development. Achievement is more, main aspects: The nature of scientific papers. The nature and theprinciple of nature Study on the world economic system turning of the universe and super turning particle The speed of the classic tutorial, fusion cells Geology and tectonics Research of fundamental medicine and Biomedical Engineering Criticize / criticism 5000000000000000 billion years the nature of the world Fang Ruida technology R & D, high-tech, cutting-edge technology research Archaeological research. The experiment and research of science of Fang Ruida A new interpretation of literary theory,etc.


Physicists, astronomers, cosmologists, geologists, biologists, scientists aerospace, engineering and technical experts, inventors, writers, philosophers, thinkers, religious scientists, economists, sociologists, human scientist, painter. Fangruida resolutely oppose and criticize the so-called "genius" "Superman," has always believed that "there is no superman in the world, the only permanent tireless hard work in the vast fields cultivated only husband." He was particularly fond of nature and pastoral fields, advocating democracy and freedom, equality, fraternity, people should not be any personal myth, it should return to nature dull and quiet. He learned, tireless, never extraordinary pride. In the world the world has an extremely wide permanent profound impact. His early years in the world of work and study tour to learn more than 25 languages, and he says: If people have any success, then, first of all mankind should be attributed to the whole world, I personally just sitting on the world's big party feast one of the most faithful and humble servant of nothing. His theory and research from all ethnic groups around the world, from all the achievements of human civilization and all the wisdom of the world created. His friends and students throughout the world, but he always insisted that he will always be a babbling children, lifelong learning, and never stop. In the great world before mankind, in the vast ocean of the universe, or a drop of water dripping half only. fangruida early favorite astronomy, geography, overlooking the blue sky and the stars at night, the moon, Mars. In his later years, with particular emphasis to study the Earth, Mars, Jupiter, the moon and the universe. He felt that the physical universe is beautiful, beautiful, Antarctica Arctic, on the sea, the mountains of Mars, Milky Way, and so on. First, as a natural scientist, the most admirable and stunning red carpet is not roses and other flowers in magnificent crown, but the greatest and most authentic of the most simple and most insipid nature and boundless expanse of the universe. Where is the human world and the Pure Land paradise.

Fangruida-Physiciens, astronomes, cosmologues, géologues, biologistes, les scientifiques de l'aérospatiale, ingénieurs et techniciens experts, écrivains, philosophes, penseurs, savants religieux, médecins, éducateurs, économistes, artistes, peintres, poètes, anthropologues, sociologues Fangruida (1950 le 13 mai né à Shanghai, Han, et ses œuvres tout à fait bon, naturel découvertes scientifiques invention, la philosophie et les sciences sociales et études culturelles livres, œuvres d'art, etc. écrits et doctrines Fangruida, plus tard connu comme la «doctrine Fangruida-», y compris les sciences naturelles, la philosophie , la religion, la sociologie, l'anthropologie, l'économie, l'éducation, la science militaire, littérature, etc.)


Fountain Doctrine covers a wide range of disciplines and fields, including natural sciences, science and technology, philosophy and social sciences, religion, economics, politics, military, social, history, literature and art, diplomacy, trade, education, ideology, Focusing on research in the fields of natural sciences, basic theoretical research, science and technology, technological economy, natural philosophy, philosophy, economics, sociology, anthropology, politics, military science, pedagogy and religion, because these aspects Is the essence of the birth, development and evolution of the natural universe and human history. It is also the most important part of the natural universe and the whole life history, especially human life history and world history. Fang Ruida first as a physicist, astronomer, cosmologist, mathematical logicians, geologists, biologists, medical scientists, to study and explore the entire natural history, universe history, tens of thousands of billions of years of historical process and All the procedures; secondly, is to gradually explore the history of the whole human history, life history, the history of world development and their natural universe and the inseparable link between the internal and external complex and profound causes. His doctrine and theory, not only from the natural sciences to philosophy and social science, but also from the human common to turn a blind eye to the real world and historical world complex and varied historical process, carefully selected and screening of human history, the origin of things, and to Stripping and cleaning, and then to study its deep core. Then, in-depth and meticulous return to the origin of nature, re-exploration and analysis. Thus, his doctrine and theory, the multiplicity, natural, social, material and non-material, social existence, natural existence, historical existence, existence and consciousness exist, life exists. Universal, realistic, permanent, inclusive, compatible, any country in any country any ethnic group can get answers and revelations, get a common feeling and understanding, and the common sense and understanding of the world, Not those who are narrow or extreme frog view. Fang Ruida resolutely abandon and refute the kind of narrow extreme and extremism and ideas, he believes that this is the human world's natural enemies and enemies. Biased, extreme, is the biggest enemy of human reason. This will give the whole history of mankind and the world history of endless shadows. He strongly advocated that all the achievements of human civilization and the wisdom of the achievements are the treasures of the world, must be good at learning. His youth, in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Australia and other places to study and work, research, the most extensive access to and understanding of the world's human civilization and real life, seamless connection with the real life of all mankind and exposure, empathy. Including, religion, politics, economy, culture, art, society, natural environment and so on. More importantly, he can be realistic and theoretical doctrine is closely linked, so his theory and doctrine, with great practical significance and practical significance, rather than castles in the air, there is no practical value. This is also the most important of the Fang Ruida doctrine.


As mentioned earlier, Fang Ruida is living in the 21st century figures. The 21st century is an era of mankind. Humans began to enter the universe. This background of history makes history. Fang Ruida is at the forefront of the development of this era, therefore, his theory and academic history of this era is the natural product of the inevitable. Traditional obsolete stereotypes, hindered the human vision, need to open up new realms, new navigation. Human society has undergone various changes, the natural universe has undergone tremendous changes. The shackles that bind human thought and hold human reason will be opened gradually. Fang Ruida is the history of human knowledge and human history of a major leap in qualitative and qualitative change. But also the history of human reality and a high degree of synthesis. Fang Ruida more than once stressed that his ideas, theories and doctrines from all over the world, rather than his personal nausea. Therefore, he said: "his life advocates nature, quiet, advocate human democracy, freedom, equality, fraternity, advocating human well-being and well-being of mankind," he said, "the world is no superman, the world is always hard to cultivate in the vast world. , Won the respect and love of the peoples of the world. His theories and doctrines spread throughout the world. He once said: "I am nothing but a humble little servant in the great feast of all mankind." He is always a servant of the human world. This is a vivid manifestation of his great personality. He opposed the myth of individuals, opposed to dress themselves as "super genius."

Fang Ruida profound theories, since the emergence of very few human figures. From the human history and the history of the world's rare characters, far beyond our imagination and understanding within the context. His theory of theory, we should be a good understanding and research, rather than half-informed. In the history of the world, he is an extremely rare figure. Many of us, in his knowledge and wisdom in front, can only be said to be feeding babies, very poor. Not only in nature, in the universe, in the real world, in human society, his influence will be permanent.


Fang Ruida doctrine, based on a number of natural disciplines of basic theoretical research, based on a number of philosophy and social science research, based on the most realistic human world and world history, his research and doctrine, is undoubtedly one of the most valuable wealth of human value immeasurable. Fang Ruida has studied 25 languages, his theory and doctrine in the wisdom of all human beings. His ideas, theories and doctrines go far beyond the limits of the region, ethnic group, language, color, country, race, culture and language, into the height and purity of all mankind, into the highest realm of the natural universe. This is also Fang Ruida doctrine of the most basic and most important concept and cornerstone. Fang Ruida as a natural scientist, first of all to show the nature, nature, the universe. Therefore, he always believed that: all history at best, but the natural history of the universe, the natural material procedures, human society is also included in it. This fully shows: the history of human history and the development of natural history, the meaning of the universe. Where the reality of existence, all the reality of existence. Great philosophy, intriguing.


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