History of Healing:  A Medical ExhibitThis collection of 100  of the most influential medical texts and curated from our extensive collections of books, medical journals which illustrates the history of medicine, health and fitness and biology.  Mankind's need to heal and understand disease and how it affects populations.  The greatest Ancient Greek and Roman philosophers' writings, esteemed medical journals, medical canons, and history of medicine, all in digitally remastered.   Ancient medical books were technically not books, but papyri scrolls, which have been preserved by museums throughout the world.  In truth, ancient medical texts have almost all been lost to history.  The books, journals and manuscripts in our collections celebrates the history of healing, medical practitioners and advocates, and the countless precious scribes who wrote down this important foundation of knowledge so that it could be passed on to others. Our collections draw a detailed picture of the evolution and migration of medical knowledge that continues to influence modern medicine and other healing arts today.   The exhibit is accompanied by books about the world history of medicine and its evolution from superstition and magic to tested theories.